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Join a community of talented software developers, get customized training, and land your dream job.


Establish your baseline on hundreds of skills with our coding assessment. We’ll use this to fast-track you through concepts you’re proficient in and identify where you need more training to excel at your target companies.






Our technology dynamically matches you with the perfect engineering mentor for each skill and pairs you with peers who are working on them, too.


You’ll join a community of exceptional engineers—from senior engineers at Google to peers looking to break into top-tier roles.


Once you get your offer(s) in hand, a dedicated negotiation coach will work 1:1 with you to maximize every aspect of your offer.

  • Who is Developing Mastery for?
    Developing Mastery is the best suited for software developers who are looking to become better full stack developers that are landing roles with higher pay, more work life balance, and better mentorship.
  • Where does Developing Mastery take place?
    Our career accelerator is designed to be completed virtually. All mentor-led sessions, pair programming sessions, industry speakers, and more will all happen via our platform, Discord and on Zoom.
  • Is Developing Mastery a Bootcamp?
    We are not a bootcamp! We are a career accelerator this is designed for working professionals that want to up-skill in their careers. As most individuals enrolled the program have full time jobs the schedule is flexible and is self paced.
  • How long does Developing Mastery take?
    The program is broken down into 30 day cohorts.
  • How does the application process work?
    If you are looking to sign up for the $500 offer feel free to sign up and get started right away. For everyone wanting Lifetime we schedule a friendly call and answer any questions to ensure you are the correct fit for Impostor School.
  • What will I learn at Developing Mastery?
    You will learn the exact skills you’re missing to get to a top-tier hiring bar, topics include: data structures, algorithms, frontend, backend, systems design and everything else that is encompassed in web development.
  • How can Developing Mastery help me add real projects and experience to my resume?
    From Day 1, you’ll work directly with our Mentors who are experienced engineers to build features on production-level projects. You’ll also receive thorough code review from our Mentors, learn how to think strategically about your products, and learn how to make sound architectural decisions.
  • How much time should I dedicate to Developing Mastery per week?
    Developing Mastery students should be prepared to spend 3-5 per week on pair programming, mentor sessions, and personal improvement.
  • How long until I feel confident getting a senior-level position?
    There are a number of variables that will come together to qualify you for a senior level position. On top of having the required skills and knowledge, you’ll want to have a network and relationships that will expose you to the best possible organizations to be a part of. Developing Mastery will get you a senior-level developer position faster than if you try to learn a new, popular framework every month. It took me less than two years to go from novice to senior developer — with the right amount of work and the right network, I’m sure you could do it even faster.
  • Most companies are asking for [[INSERT FRAMEWORK/LANGUAGE HERE]], why isn’t that our focus?
    When you understand the fundamentals and deeper principles of web development, you can use any language or framework efficiently and elegantly to solve problems. That said, not every language or framework is conducive to teaching these principles. Many languages, although powerful, leave you with so many options that you’ll be left confused or worse off than you were before. Because you’re approaching your education from a fundamentals perspective, you’ll be better prepared to master the next trendy framework, whenever it comes along, and master it in a shorter time frame.
  • I already have a senior at work. Why would I need external coaching?
    If the senior at your current position has all the skills you’re seeking -- AND the time to mentor and develop you, then amazing. However, where internal mentors will always fall flat is they’re not looking to expand your network outside the company, and open you up to new career-expanding opportunities. There’s an inherent conflict of interest which will always be limiting to you in the long-run. Even in the best of cases. Likewise, the skills an internal mentor will help you develop will only be related to the company you’re working for -- and thus not representative of what it might truly take to reach the next level. Whereas an external mentor can both fast-track the speed in which you develop valuable programming skills AND accelerate your career growth through the new doors and relationships they help open up.
  • I don’t have much experience pairing! Will there be time to learn?
    The best way to get good at pairing is to do it — there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll be fully supported by the senior developers and mentors throughout the whole process.
  • Right now is a busy and I’m worried I won’t have time! Do I need to follow week by week or can I go at my own pace?
    We know you’re busy and have empathy for your packed schedule. Especially if you have a lot going on already, a course can feel like a burden. However, the goal is for you to gain the resources so you can in the long term put more energy into all those areas of your life. Developing Mastery is a time intensive course that has been optimized to get you the best results as quickly as possible, in a way that doesn’t feel like work. You’ll look forward to pair programming and get to approach software in a way that will allow you to appreciate the craft, not feel like you’re doing homework. Yes, in the short-term, investing around 3-5+ hours/week on top of an already-intensive workload may feel a bit “scary”... but you’ll quickly gain more energy and enthusiasm as you realize just how quick you can shift into a more inspiring, lucrative and fulfilling position.
  • How often will I receive feedback on my code?
    Our culture at Impostor School thrives on feedback. Therefore you will receive Peer to Peer feedback as well as Feedback from Sr Developers on all your submissions. The more you submit the more feedback you receive!
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